Group Coaching

  • Collaboration and community: Group Coaching provides a collaborative group environment where you can learn from the insights and contributions of your peers, as they do from you. Group coaching offers a shared experience through community. You have other people to cheer you on and celebrate with.

  • Out of the limelight: If you are more introverted then the group learning process may feel less “on the spot” and provide more time for reflection and articulation of your insights.

  • Problem solving: Group Coaching can spark a firestorm of creativity. When you work with others, you are constantly sharing ideas and gaining additional outside perspectives. Sometimes the simplest question can seed the most informative and collaborative discussion giving you tons of insight, ideas, and possible solutions you never would have thought of on your own. You’ll not only benefit from the coach’s feedback, but also the feedback from others.

  • Team building: The close engagement among members and your coach as well as your strong focus on helping each other, can quickly form a close and confidential bond. You all come to rely on each other to achieve the goal of the team and as an individual.

  • Deep connection: Group Coaching creates a container of transformation like no other! You will meet new people who will catapult you to success. You’re already joining forces with people on a similar path and it’s natural to connect with people who are similar to you. They understand your perspective, have similar goals, and may even be interested in being an accountability partner as you take the skills you learn in the group and maximize them on your own. The more people you have in your corner, the better, especially when it comes to reaching goals, striving toward your potential, or making a life change to increase the love and bliss in your life.

  • Focus: You get a guided program based on specific problem areas. Group coaching is a great way to connect with a coach and other people who can support you along the way. You just have to show up and let yourself be seen!

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